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If you have visited our site before, then you know that we are going through a complete overhaul. Austin is inundated with wordy event websites -- we were tired of being just another one. So we went back to the drawing board and pared the site down to the basics of what WE were missing when trying to find "something to do":

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The Live Music Capital Of World Is Austin

Austin live music is the soul of the city of musical performances, the queen of musical venues. Down the course of time, every city turns out to be endowed with certain specific features. Live music has become the rhymes of the soul of Austin. And this city is famous as the capital of live musical performances in the world over.

Austin's Journey To Become The Live Music Capital Of The World

The scene of live musical performances had been a part or rather a feature of Austin right from old days. During sixties and seventies, Willie Nelson made the country music popular. The label of "The Live Music Capital Of The World" was formally given much later in 1991. This year, Blues musician, Lilian Stanfield, felt the need for greater promotion of Austin music scene. She contacted the City Commission and reiterated the need for a slogan to promote Austin.

City officials found after a research that this city hosts the largest number of music venues as compared to other cities as New York, Las Vegas. Then emerged the slogan "Live Music Capital Of The World" for Austin.

Austin Live Music Venues

Austin music venue guide. Austin can boast of having the largest number of music venues and clubs in the world. The main music centers are the Sixth Street, Red River and South Congress districts besides hundreds of other formal and informal venues. The Sixth Street district is the most famous of all these places.

Where else in the world one can find live musical performances at airport, at city hall, in the parks and by the lake! Most of these live music hotspots have facilities of bars. Some venues are also famous for their menus in addition to live music.

Austin Live Music Artists

Austin abounds in signed or unsigned live music performers. Scores of other famous artists do call Austin as their home even if many of them are not performing there on a regular basis. Willie Nelson, Clifford Antone, Stevie Ray Vaughan are some of the legendary figures.

Famous Musical Genres Of Austin Live Music

Many of the current genre of music can easily found and hired in Austin like Big Band, Blues or Soul, Barbershop, Cajun or Zydego, Children's, Classical, Christina or Gospel, Country or Cowboy, Dance, Folk or Bluegrass, Jazz, Latin or Tejano, New Age, Polka, Pop, Rap, Rock and World Beat. Among all these genre of Austin music, the most famous ones are Austin Blues, Country, Rock and Rolls, Latin and Jazz. There is something for everyone to gratify his or her musical hunger.

Austin Live Music With Flavor Of Blues

Live Music with the flavor of Blues has been a prominent feature of Austin music. More than 129 Austin Blues Bands have their online press kit. They are ready to perform at various venues in Austin and surrounding areas. A single night musical event can lighten your pocket from 300 $ to 12000$. Blues dance is also closely associated with Blues music and any party can be rocked terribly with this duo.

Two years back in 2005, ABS or Austin Blues Society was founded with the aim of promoting Blues in Central Texas. ABS presents yearly KBA (Keeping Blues Alive) Awards to individuals and organizations that make significant contribution for Blues music.

Austin Live Music With Flavor Of Classical

How could Austin be the live music capital of the world without paying homage to great German composer of Classical music, Beethoven, by not having great live scenes of Classical music? Classical music scenario at Austin is can be felt by musicians from far off country like India at The Indian Classical Music Circle Of Austin.

The Classical Music Consortium Of Austin is another organization that promotes Choral, Chamber and Early music in this area. CMCA can be sought for having information about concerts and organizations of Classical music. The Mozart festival, Austin Areas Community Philharmonic, A. Chamber Ensemble, A. Chamber Music Center and A. Classical Guitar Society are some of the other organizations in Austin area to promote Classical music.

Austin Live Music With Flavor Of Country

While Country music is more 'Western' in its origin unlike Blues that have African roots, this became more famous in Austin during and after 1965 when Willie Nelson, after trying out various artistic, musical, academic and cinematic ventures, settled in Austin and soared to greater height in popularity. Thereafter, Country music was marked with other influences with rock and roll, jazz, western swing and folk.

Many other musicians were drawn to Austin and helped to maintain the tag of live music hub of the world and propagated this musical heritage of Willie Nelson.

Austin Live Music And Various Organizations And Media

Several organizations have sprung to promote the austin live music scene in Austin. Austin Music Foundation is non-profit organization with the aim of uniting the local music community that comprises of more than 3500 members.

Austin Music Network (AMN) was a music television channel that started in 1994 and ended in 2005. Austin has more than one dozen AM radio channels and thirty-two FM radio channels dedicated to music. ME (Music and Entertainment) television was started in 2005 and now broadcasts 24 hour regional network providing exposure to artists and groups in Texas area. The broad cast is available in Austin and other 40 cities. ME Television is a national prototype for a series of regional music and entertainment networks around the country

The Austin Chronicle is an alternative weekly free tabloid newspaper started in 1981. It has many yearly features such as Best of Austin awards, cut out Halloween masks and April Fool's edition.

Austin Live Music Festivals

Austin City Limits is a three-day annual Austin live music festival with more than 130 bands and eight stages and more than sixty five thousand visitors daily. Another four day annual film and music festival is South by Southwest (SXSW) that takes place during spring season. It is one of the largest music festivals in USA with more than 1400 performers and dozens of venues. Numerous other music festivals occur year-round. Other annual festivals include the Keep Austin Weird Festival and Texas Rock Fest.

Austin Live Music And Creation Of New Cultural Economy

Austin Music Commission was appointed by City Council to study, enhance and promote the music industry. Nearly two thousand live music venues, performers, other related persons, bars and restaurants, more than four dozen radio channels, television shows, festivals, sales of CDs and DVDs and various fashion labels push the economy of give a fair push to the economy of this city of musical performances. It is another example of how enhancing the cultural features can improve the economy.

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